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First Quarter Edition 2022

Pediatric Partners

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Dear Readers,

These are memorable times that we will live with us forever and with vaccines and boosters available we will be shifting to life that is more like the norm prior to COVID-19. With some realities that these last couple of years has made us become more aware of how this has changed the office, healthcare, manufacturing and retail environments.

We have learned many things from this time in our lives. Technology has helped us through on the business side, however the isolation and mental health issues are still being dealt with. Returning to the workplace has it’s challenges however there are ways we at Affrunti Design have been practicing since our existence and is based on our philosophy. Implementing environmentally friendly interiors, promotes healthy mental attitudes and the wellbeing of individuals.

In these times people do appreciate an organization that invests in an atmosphere that promotes an environment where health and safety of individuals are practiced.

Recently, here at Affrunti Design we have been involved in the design and design/builds for office and healthcare remodeling along with relocations which some are still in progress. We have also been implementing materials and equipment for a safer environment which we’ll share with you in this edition. I hope you stay well and enjoy reading our 1st quarter 2022 edition.

“Doing our part in making your environment a better place to work and live”.


Peter Affrunti

Project Spotlight

Medical Office

Our featured project is Pediatric Partners, a pediatrician group practicing since 1993, located in Highland Park, Illinois.

We were brought on board to submit several space plans for various buildings, as is the normal process in looking for a new business location. Pediatric Partners selected the location that provided them the size that fit their needs and the ability to expand. This location gave them also a new pedestrian exposure within the Port Clinton Plaza Center, which exposed them to a new patient base.

Working together with the physicians and staff was a total delight, due to much of the artistic ability of Doctor Hochberg to visualize many of the design elements. Color was an important factor for the overall look of the interiors, along with an open and functional workflow.

The location of the office on the plaza provided natural light through the full height exterior glass walls. Patient privacy was a concern so by utilizing frosted window film with its many levels of transparency we were able to select the desired privacy level and achieve a playful design. All elements of the interiors were examined as to function and design.

Nurses’ station with the ability to collaborate with the doctors, spacious corridors for the double wide patient strollers, clerestory glass and an art gallery wall. Even the corner guards were either color coordinated with the walls or used as a contrast.

Yes, this is a healthcare office concerned for the physical and mental well-being of their patients. So beyond the nicely colorful walls, LED lighting and colorful flooring, is the hidden mechanics, ventilation, electrical and plumbing. With the high emphasis on cleanliness of the entire office we installed ultraviolet air purifiers (OXY 4) at each of the air supply boxes eliminating 99% of the airborne organisms. The water supply has a recirculating line for instant warm water for hand

washing and temperature control mixing valves to prevent scolding. All the lighting is LED (Focal Point) (Tech Lighting) along with motion sensor controls. With confidentiality of patient information (HIPAA), we introduced the addition of a sound masking system to increase speech privacy. This is a multi-controllable sound emitting system in lieu of additional ceiling insulation and framing. Other LEED and environmentally friendly products used were, quartz stone reception counter (Cambria), luxury vinyl tile plank flooring & carpet (Tarkett), Scuff-X Paint (Benjamin Moore), Sinks & Faucets (Elkay/Moen).

We thank Pediatric Partners for entrusting us to design and build their new offices, along with their recent expansion that we are putting the finishing touches. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Forward Planning

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Look around you, empty storefronts, office building parking lots half full, some look like ghost towns. The pandemic is ending, along with a change in your company’s work culture. The way people work is changing in many aspects, how we meet, collaborate, create, and deliver. Businesses are realizing that a percentage of their staff can work from home, thus less office space required, thus saving the amount of real estate needed to lease or own. Who decides what is the

proper amount needed?

Most larger corporations have teams within their organization to strategize, usually it is the facilities group. However, not all companies are large enough to have the ability in providing all the scenarios. Whether large or small the company should if they have not already, form a group and pull from facilities, finance, IT and human resource departments to make recommendations as to how their culture will look in the future. 

If your company is not large enough to have inhouse facilities group, engage an interiors space planning firm to provide analysis and studies. Working together you will be able to determine the correct size you currently need and develop a plan for the future.

If you have not started this planning, I urge you to begin this process for the future success of your company. The world is changing, and you will need to change with it to survive.

Featured Product

Dream It. Design It. 

Gi-Flooring and G-Wall Panels are an innovative new vinyl print technology that allows for a wide range of wall to wall application. This new custom printed flooring and wall material is extruded into a clear vinyl product with images printed on to the underside. This process ensures rich colorful graphics and protects the images from wear.

Benefits include:

  • Different textures
  • Anti-Microbial surface
  • Unlimited design opportunities

Items of Interest

With so much emphasis on healthier indoor air, here is a way to optimizing air cleansing power. Did you know that indoor breathing environments are typically more contaminated than outdoor air? Increased energy costs have made buildings more airtight, trapping airborne particles.

Affrunti Design has been implementing this product into the hvac system of their latest projects. This cleaver combination of Titanium Dioxide in combination with broad spectrum ultraviolet light detoxes your indoor air. We have been using this with the combination of Hepa air filtration in both our medical and office environment. For more information, contact us on how to install these features in your environment.